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    Saturday, November 17, 2018

    Voice Change

    Voice Change

    Voice Change

    • He eats rice.
    • We read this book.
    • You are watching a movie.
    • They are playing football.
    • Ram is dancing on the stage.
    • I have requested her to come.
    • You have learnt the table.
    • Rahul has bought fishes.
    • You will help me.
    • They will bring the tea.
    • I shall write a letter.
    • We shall meet the parents.
    • They broke the computer.
    • You drove the car.
    • I was eating eggs.
    • You wre singing the song.
    • Rajib was carrying the load.
    • The boy will like the gift.
    • Do you know the man?
    • Does he give you the pen?

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