Our runaway kite

Our runaway kite (Class X English)

Our runaway kite

M.C.Q. Of 'Our runaway kite'

1) The keeper of the Big Half Moon Lighthouse is

2) The family moved over to the mainland in

3) When asked about relations, looked

4) On the Big Half Moon for us to play there was

5) We live on the

6) When her father was a keeper of the lighthouse, she was

7) When her father was a keeper of the lighthouse, claude was

8) Earlier, the family had

9) In summer the Big Half Moon is always

10) Back on the island, Claude and the narrator made plenty of

11) The kite was patched with a

12) A letter came for father after a

13) Father left home after quarrelling with his

14) Dick and Mimi discovered the kite on the top of a

15) A month later

16) While playing, Claude and the narrator signalled to each other with

17) The narrator and Claude used to signal with kites while playing

18) The Kite was covered with

19) The name of the narrator is

20) The narrator and Claude rushed to the lighthouse to have

21) Every summer the narrator and Claude had some

22) The narrator and Claude had a kite covered with

23) One day the narrator, with the kite, fell over

24) As the kite snapped, Claude looked

25) The snapped kite flown away to the

26) The island remains fine in

27) In summer, the harbour remain

28) The book case was in the

29) The old lettter was in the

30) The kite was carried home by

যদি তোমাদের এগুলো ভালো লাগে তাহলে কোমান্ড কর আর শেয়ার কর | তাহলে আমি আরও লিখব তোমাদের জন্য |

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