Articles in English Rules

Articles in English Rules

Articles in English Rules

Articles with Bengali

1) What is Article ?

The words 'a' ,'an' and 'the' are called articles. These are used as demonstrative adjectives. In noun phrases articles 'a' ,'an' and 'the' are used as determiners.

Articles হল 'a' ,'an' and 'the'। এগুল demonstrative adjectives হিসাবে ব্যবহৃত হয় । Noun phrase -এ articles ব্যবহৃত হয় determiners রূপে ।

  • Articles

    • Indefinite Articles

    • Definite Article

Indefinite Articles :- 'A' , 'An'-- কোনো Noun -কে সাধারনভাবে বা অনির্দিষ্টভাবে বোঝাতে ব্যবহৃত হয় ।

Definite Article :- 'The' -- কোনো Noun নির্দিষ্ট করে বোঝাতে ব্যবহৃত হয় ।

* General Rules of using A & An

1. 'A' or 'An' is used to mean one. (একটি বোঝাতে )

This is a book.
This is a house.
It is a candle.
It is an umbrella.
It is an egg.
It is an eagle.

2. 'A' or 'An' is used before a singular countable noun. (গণনাযোগ্য বিশেষ্যর একবচনের আগে)

A ripe mango is juicy fruit.

An orange is rich in vitamin C.

3. 'A' or 'An' is used in the sense of "every". (প্রত্যেক অর্থে)

A square has four sides.
An oval is formed with a single curved line.
A triangle has three sides.

4. 'A' or 'An' is used to mean "per" or "each". (প্রতি অর্থে)

He claimed Rs. 20,000 a month.
The car is running 40 km an hour.
He claimed Rs. 10,000 a moth as his salary.

5. 'A' or 'An' is used to mean any person or thing. (যে-কোনো ব্যক্তি বা বস্তু বোঝাতে)

A gentleman has come to meet you.
An oyster is used to make handicrafts.

6. 'A' or 'An' is used to mean a certain person or thing or before the name or title of unknown person. (কোনো এক নাম / পদবিযুক্ত ব্যক্তিকে অর্থাৎ অপরিচিত কোনো ব্যক্তির নাম বা পদবির পূর্বে বোঝাতে)

A Mr. Biswas has come to meet you.
An Aswini is appointed the supervisor.

7. 'A' or 'An' is used to indicate a trade or profession and occupation. (বৃত্তি বা পেশা বোঝাতে)

Mrs. Sengupta is a teacher.
Mr. Das is an actor.

8. 'A' or 'An' is used to indicate a class. (শ্রেনি বোঝাতে)

Birds of a feather flock together.
An owl is a nocturnal bird.

9. 'A' or 'An' is used after the 'wh'-word in an exclamatory sentence. (বিস্ময়বোধক বাক্যে 'wh'-word এর পরে)

What a beautiful it is!
What an idea was that!

10. 'A' or 'An' is used before 'dozen' , 'hundred' , 'thousand' , 'million' , 'billion' etc. ('dozen' , 'hundred' , 'thousand' , 'million' , 'billion' ইত্যাদি সংখ্যার আগে)

I bought a dozen exercise books.
There are a hundred people in the meeting.

11. 'A' or 'An' is used after 'many' , 'rather' , 'quite' , 'such' etc. ('many' , 'rather' , 'quite' , 'such' ইত্যাদি পরে)

Such a fool cannot prosper in life.
Many an activity remains unseen.

12. 'A' or 'An' is used before proper nouns to indicate 'one like' (কারোর মতো বোঝাতে)

We need a Vidyasagar today.
A Daniel has come to judgment.

13. 'A' or 'An' is used before 'little' , 'few'(খুবই অল্প পরিমান বা সংখ্যা বোঝাতে)

A little learning is a dangerous thing.
A few youths were present in the meeting.

14. 'A' or 'An' is used before uncountable nouns to stress it. (গোনা যায় না এমন বিশেষ্যকে গুরুত্ব দিতে)

I have a desire to talk to you.
She has a love for Moni.

15. 'A' or 'An' is used as a preposition . (Preposition হিসেবে)

Raju went a fighting. (for)
Ramu went a hunting. (for)

16. 'A' or 'An' is used before a noun in apposition. (কোনো Noun in apposition এ)

This bookis written by Mr. Sil, a renowned teacher.
The meeting was presided by Debabrata Maiti, an SDO of Bengal.

17. 'A' is used before 'most' to mean very.(খুব অর্থে 'most' এর আগে)

The Giant saw a wonderful sight.
Pallavi told me a most interesting story.

18. 'A' or 'An' is used to 'one kind of ' (এক ধরনের বোঝাতে)

Sumanta is the model of a talcum powder.
Monalisa is the model of a hair oil.

* Special Rules of using 'A'

19. 'A' is used before a consonant sound. (ব্যঞ্জনধ্বনির আগে 'a' বসে)

This is a story book.
That is a mango tree.

20. 'A' is used before a vowel pronounced as 'u'. ("ইউ" উচ্চারণ হয় তাহলে a বসবে)

This is a university.
This is a useful book of grammar.

21. 'A' is used before a vowel pronounced as 'wa'. ("ওয়া" উচ্চারণ হয় তাহলে a বসবে)

I saw a one-eyed deer.
I have a one rupee note.

* Special Rules of using 'An'

22. 'An' is used before a vowel sound. (স্বরধ্বনির আগে "an" ব্যবহৃত হয়)

This is an egg of an ostrich.
I visited an oasis in Rajsthan.

23. 'A' is used before a consonant pronounced as vowel. (স্বরধ্বনির দিয়ে শুরু অথচ ব্যঞ্জনবর্ণ বিশিষ্ট)

Papu is an MLA.
Moni is an FRCS doctor.

24. 'An' is used before a silent "h". (নীরব "h" এর ক্ষেত্রে)

Everybody loves an honest man.

articles in English rules

General Rules of Using 'The'

  • Definite Article

    • The

1. 'The' is used to indicate particular person or thing. (বিশেষ ব্যক্তি বা বস্তু বা বস্তু বোঝাতে)

The girl is appointed as trainee editor.
The white shirt mine.

2. 'The' is used before a singular noun to indicate a class. (শ্রেনি বোঝাতে)

The dog is a faithful animal.
The peacock our national bird.

*** Note:- Never use 'The' before 'man' or 'woman' to indicate the class.

Man is a social being.
Woman is gentle by nature.

3. 'The' is used before an object which is only one in the nature. (প্রকৃতিতে একটিমাত্র আছে এমন কিছুর আগে)

The earth moves round the sun.
The moon shines in the sky at night.

4. 'The' is used before the names of direction. (দিক এর নামের আগে)

The sun rises in the east.
The sun sets in the west.

5. 'The' is used before date, ordinal number. (তারিখ এবং Ordinal number -এর আগে)

The Baby was born on the 1st of April.
Raju is the 2nd boy of the class.

6. 'The' is used before the names of rivers, oceans , bays and gulfs. (নদী,সমুদ্র,উপসাগর ইত্যাদির আগে)

The Ganga is a holy river.
The Pacific ocean is one of the five occeans of the world.

7. 'The' is used before the names of aeroplanes , ships and trains.. (উড়োজাহাজ ,জাহাজ ও ট্রেনের নামের আগে)

The Kalka Mail is running late.
The Titanic was a famous ship.

8. 'The' is used before chains of mountains, group of islands and deserts. (পর্বতমালা ,দ্বীপপুঞ্জ ও মরুভূমির নামের আগে)

The Himalayas is situated on the north of India.
The Andamans is to the east of Tamil Nadu.

9. 'The' is used before abbreviated names of countries. (দেশের সংক্ষিপ্ত নামের আগে)

The USA is the super power of the world.
The UAE is an Arabian country.

10. 'The' is used before the names of significant areas and states. (উল্লেখযোগ্য এলাকা ও রাজ্যের নামের আগে)

The Deccan is formed with lava soil.
The Punjab is rich in agriculture.

11. 'The' is used before the names of famous buildings, hotels etc. (বিখ্যাত ভবন ও হোটেলের নামের আগে)

The Sonar Bangla is situated by the EM Bypass.
The Writers' Building is situated in Kolkata.

12. 'The' is used before the names of news papers, holy books etc. (সংবাদপত্র , পবিত্র গ্রন্থ ইত্যাদির আগে)

I read the Statesman everyday.
The Ramayana is one of the two great epics of India.

13. 'The' is used before the names of political parties. (রাজনৈতিক দলের নামের আগে)

The Indian National Congress is the biggest political party of India.
The CPI(M) has been ruling in West Bengal since 1977.

14. 'The' is used before nations or communities. (জাতি এবং সম্প্রদায়ের নামের আগে)

The Hindus are very sympathetic to other communities.
The Muslims are increasing in great numbers.

15. 'The' is used before wors, historical events etc. (যুদ্ধ , ঐতিহাসিক ঘটনা ইত্যাদির আগে)

The Sepoy Mutiny was the first freedom movement against British in India.
The Quit India Movement was started in the year 1942.

16. 'The' is used before adjectives to mean the class. (শ্রেণিকে বোঝাতে এমন বিশেষণের আগে)

The rich are not always honest.
The honests are virtuous.

17. 'The' is used before superlative degrees of adjectives. (superlative degree বা তম-রূপের আগে)

Ankush is the best boy of the class.
The Cheetah is the fastest among animals.

18. Sometimes 'The' is used before comparative degrees of adjectives. (comparative degree বা তম-রূপের আগে)

The more we have,the more we want.
The sooner, the better.

19. 'The' is used before common nouns instead of possessive adjectives. (common noun -এর আগে possessive adjective -এর পরিবর্তে)

She pulled me by the (my) hand.
Don't strike the dog on the (its) head.

20. 'The' is used before musical instruments. (বাদ্যযন্ত্রের নামের আগে)

Sumon played the table well in the function.
Mangu likes to play the mouth organ.

21. 'The' is used before a material noun to particularise it . (বিশেষিত করা বস্তুবাচক বিশেষ্যের আগে)

The coal of Raniganj is famous for its quality.
The water of the river Ganges is holy to the Hindus.

22. 'The' is used before the plural family names. (পারিবারিক পরিচয়ের বহুবচনের রূপের আগে)

The Sens of this village are rich.
The Boses of this locality are very famous for their generosity.

23. 'The' is used before proper nouns to indicate the comparative similarity. (তুলনা করতে)

Ahmedabad is called the Manchester of India.
Bankimchandra is called the Scott of Bengal.

24. 'The' is used before a common noun to give abstract sense. (common noun -এর আগে বিশেষ গুনের প্রকাশ ঘটাতে)

The mother in Sujata stopped her to leave the family.
The patriot in him fought against the invadors.

Articles in English Rules

Articles in English Rules

Articles in English rules

articles in English rules

যদি তোমাদের এগুলো ভালো লাগে তাহলে কোমান্ড কর আর শেয়ার কর। তাহলে আমি আরও লিখব তোমাদের জন্য ।

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