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    Tuesday, August 24, 2021

    ms word online

    ms word online

    MCQ MS Word Questions and Answers (Computer Knowledge)

    M.C.Q. Of 'MS Word'

    1) What is MS-word ?

    2) What word is used to describe the act of correcting something ?

    3) Ms-Word allows creation of ________ type of documents by default ?

    4) Which of the following companies developed Ms-office 2000 ?

    ms word online

    5) Which of the following is the word processor in Ms-office ?

    6) Which of the following is not a part of a standard office suite ?

    7) What program is used in Ms-word to check the spellings ?

    8) Which of the following is not a special program in Ms-office ?

    MS Word Questions and Answers

    9) Which of the following are valid Min & Max zoom sizes in Ms-office ?

    10) Which input device can not be used to work in Ms-office ?

    Microsoft Word Questions and Answers

    11) Which key should be pressed to start a new paragraph in Ms-Word ?

    12) Which of these tool bar allows changing fonts and their sizes ?

    13) Which bar is usually located below the title bar that provides categorized options ?

    14) What option will be used to change the word from "cll" to 'call' ?

    15) What should be done to change the word from 'coool' to 'cool' ?

    16) In which view Headers and Footers are visible

    17) The process of removing unwanted part of an image is called

    18) To apply center alignment to a paragraph we can press

    19) The space left between the margin and the start of a paragraph is called

    ms word 2007

    20) Text-styling feature of Ms Word is

    যদি তোমাদের এগুলো ভালো লাগে তাহলে কোমান্ড কর আর শেয়ার কর। তাহলে আমি আরও লিখব তোমাদের জন্য ।


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