MODAL AUXILIARIES 2023 (English Grammar)


1) The clouds are very thin and hight. Still it .....rain.

2) He ..... come for his interview today.

3) ...... you please lend me your pen for a minute?

4) ..... I come in, Sir?

5) Work hard lest you...... fail.

6) ..... you mind sitting here?

7) You can't mean that! You ..... to be joking.

8) .... he live long!

9) You ..... consult a doctor at once.

10) ..... we meet tomorrow at this time?

11) The machine.....turned on by flipping this switch.

12) You ...... check the air pressure in your tyres. You don't want to get a flat tyre on your trip.

13) The package ...... be delivered tomorrow afternoon. It was sent by express mail this morning.

14) ..... heaven reward you!

15) Everybody ...... die.

16) You .....leave my room after half an hour.

17) I my car.

18) We ...... help the poor.

19) We our neightbours.

20) .....I go?


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