Djokovic beats Nori in Wimbledon final to reach 21st Grand Slam on Sunday

Djokovic beats Nori in Wimbledon final to reach 21st Grand Slam on Sunday

Djokovic reached the final of Wimbledon after losing the first set. In the semi-finals, they lost to England's Norie 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-4.
As the saying goes, looking at the beginning of the day can tell how the rest will go. Can Cameron Nori believe that at all after Friday?

The way he started in the Wimbledon semifinals, he had the logistics to make things happen. However, it did not happen because of the experience. After Andy Murray, he did not reach the final of this traditional Grand Slam as a British player.

Djokovic won the game 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-4. Djokovic will compete for his 21st Grand Slam and 7th Wimbledon Trophy at Wimbledon's Center Court next Sunday. He will play against Australia's Nick Kirias, who the Serbian star has yet to beat in two encounters.

In front of Nari was a six-time Wimbledon winner like Djokovic. If it was someone else, he would come down from behind mentally. But Nari, a sociology student, is made of another metal. There are some similarities with Nadal as he plays with his left hand.

However, no similarities were found with Nadal in the game. Except for the first set, of course. Another man was seen in the first set. The rest of the match who remained virtually dull. Where did you manage to build resistance without one or two spectacular shots?

Djokovic has made the rules at Wimbledon this time after losing the set. Except for the second and third rounds, he lost at least one set in each match. In the quarter-finals, Yannick lost to Sinar, losing the first two sets.

This day also had that thunder signal. Nori broke Djokovic in the first serve. He broke again in the fifth game. Hit a low shot in the back hand. Djokovic made an unforced error. Break again in the seventh game.

At one point, Djokovic seemed to be playing in the Wimbledon semifinals. Lack of confidence was noticed in his game. Djokovic's mistake was more noticeable than Nari's achievement. It was hard to come back after falling behind 2-5. Holding the next serve, Nori easily took the first set in his pocket.

In the first half of the second set, the two fought head to head. Djokovic and Nori both held their first three servings. Djokovic broke Norie in the fourth survey.

Hold your serve in your pocket to equalize the match. Back in the match, the confidence of the Serbian star increased a lot in one leap. That was easily understood in the next two sets.

Before the match, Vijay Amritraj was saying that Djokovic will be very confident as Nadal is not there. As well as his physical ability, skill, variety of shots and experience, all will put him ahead in the semifinals.

Referring to Nari as a talented player, Amritraj said it was not possible for him to compete with Djokovic, at least at the moment.

That was seen in the match. Despite showing a glimpse of Nari's talent in the first set, Djokovic did not take long to return to the match.

Nari needed to keep a cool head to disrupt Djokovic's rhythm. However, he had to go in a hurry. The weapon that Djokovic wanted to blunt was all boomerang. Djokovic broke Norik early in the third set.

Breaks again in the fifth game. By then he had gotten the rhythm perfectly. It seemed that no one could stop Djokovic. That did not happen. He easily grabbed his next two servings and pocketed the match.

The beginning of the fourth set is the same way. Djokovic broke Norie in the first game. Nari's weak backhand and even weaker forehand put Djokovic ahead. There was no need to break from there. Djokovic did not allow Nori to return to the match after that.

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