Thank You Ma'am

Thank You Ma'am

Thank You Ma'am (HS English)


M.C.Q. Of 'Thank You Ma'am'

1) Mrs. Jones gave the boy -

2) On entering her room Mrs. Jones asked Roger to

3) The boy wanted to buy

4) Bending over the sink the boy, Roger asked Mrs. Jones whether she

5) Mrs. Jones wanted to teach Roger

6) The lady picked up the boy from the street by holding his

7) In the short story 'Thank You Ma'am', the woman was

8) The boy lost balance and fell on

9) Mrs. Jones was carrying a

10) The large purse that the woman was carrying had

11) Mrs. Jones was walking alone at

12) A young boy wanted to

13) The woman shook the boy until his teeth

14) The boy said ____ to Mrs. Jones.

15) Mrs. Jones said that she was not going to

16) Mrs. Jones asked the boy if he was ___

17) The appearance of the boy was

18) The boy was in

19) Mrs. Jones switched on the light and left the door _____

20) The door was open and Roger could _____ easily.

যদি তোমাদের এগুলো ভালো লাগে তাহলে কোমান্ড কর আর শেয়ার কর। তাহলে আমি আরও লিখব তোমাদের জন্য ।

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