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    Sunday, December 15, 2019

    Strong Roots M.C.Q (H.S.)

    Strong Roots (H.S.)

    Strong Roots (H.S.)

    M.C.Q. Of 'Strong Roots'

    1) The athour APJ Abdul Kalam was the
    a)Prime Minister of India (2002-2007)
    b)Prime Minister of India (2003-208)
    c) President of India (2004-2009)
    d) President of India (2002-2007)

    Strong Roots (H.S.)

    2) Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam was born in a
    a) rich family
    b)poor family
    c) middle-class family
    d)peasant family

    3) Dr. Kalam's family was
    a) Tamil
    b) Telegu
    c) Gujrati
    d) Sindhi

    4) Kalam's father had
    a) education but not wealth
    b) not much formal education nor much wealth
    c) university education and wealth
    d) wealth but no education

    Strong Roots (H.S.)

    5) In the old masjid of Rameswaram, prayers were chanted in
    a) Hindi
    b) Tamil
    c) Arabic
    d) Persian

    6) Kalam was a
    a) a short boy with distinguished looks
    b) tall boy with undistinguished looks
    c) short boy with undistinguished looks
    d) tall boy with distinguished looks

    7)The author's mother was
    a) Fatema Bibi
    b) Lutfunnesha Bibi
    c) Ashiamma
    d) Latiamma

    8) The word 'attire' means
    a) cottage
    c) clothes
    d) retreat

    Strong Roots (H.S.)

    9) The word 'misery' means
    a) miserly
    b) misuse

    10) Kalam's locality was predominantly
    a) Hindu
    b) Muslim
    c) Jain
    d) Christian

    11) The full name of APJ Abdul Kalam is
    a)Avul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam
    b) Awal Pakir Jainal Abdul Kalam
    c)Awal Prasad Jannie Abdul Kalam
    d) none of the above

    12) Strong Roots is an/a
    b) autobiography
    d) biographical sketch

    13) Kalam respected his father much because
    a) his father was very extravagant
    b) his father was very laborious
    c) his father tried hard to educate him
    d) his father led an honest and austere life

    14) Kalam normally ate with his
    b) mother
    c) uncle
    d) elder brother

    Strong Roots (H.S.)
    15) Janab Jainulabdeen was the author's
    a) grandfather
    b)elder brother
    d) mother

    16) Kalam's father believed that for people in distress, he was
    a) a mere mediator
    b) greater than god
    c) a solver of problems
    d) a helpless onlooker of their difficulties

    Strong Roots (H.S.)

    17) Dr. Kalam belonged to
    a) Mysore
    c) Rameswaram

    18) 'Strong Roots' is about Abdul Kalam's
    a) family background and childhood
    b) political life
    c) college life
    d) scientific words

    19) Kalam's father could convery complex spiritual concepts in
    a) very simple English
    b) very simple Urdu
    c) very simple Tamil
    d) very simple Hindi

    20) The ancestral house of APJ Abdul Kalam is situted on
    a)The Charch Street in Ramaswaram
    b) The Mosque Street in Ramaswaram
    c)The Vivekananda Street in Ramaswaram
    d)The Temple Road in Ramaswaram

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    Strong Roots (H.S.)


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