C- Programming

                                      C- Programming 

C- Programming
C- Programming 

If you have no prior idea of programming, software , translators, RAM etc. then you must not skip this chapter. This chapter sets your base for the programming.
 The introduction part and section 1.2 gives  you an idea of human language and computer language. It tells you how they are different and discuss all different types of computer language like machine, assembly and high level.
 Overview of programming discuss the fundamentals of programming like data, instruction and program, what a problem is from programming point of view, problem solving techniques: algorithms, pseudo code, flow charts etc. It also discusses subroutines and functions,programming methodology : bottom up and top down approach,types of programming : procedural, structured, object oriented etc.
  A detailed discussion of translators like assembler , compiler and interpreter is given in section 1.4 Types of software , role of Ram in program execution, basic memory  measuring and brief introduction of Numbers system is given.




A language is system of communication. We use many languages like English , Hindi ,Bengali or any other language to express our views, ideas, thoughts etc. to any other person. similarly when we write programs for the computer there should be a language by means of which computer express our views and ideas.There are two types of language - a computer language and a natural language. A computer language has limited and restricted vocabulary whereas a natural language is rich in vocabulary. 
     Every language has got certain rules which govern the formation of valid sentences. Every language also denies certain symbols which are permissible in that language. The rule of using symbols as per the given language are known as syntax rules for that language. The syntax rules are called the rules of the grammar for that language. The meaning of the grammar is called semantics. Whenever we write any computer program we must follow syntax for the programming language which we are using for writing the computer program.




All computer language can be classified into three major categories. Machine and Assembly together can be put into "Low-Level" language.

1. Machine Language 
2. Assembly Language 
3. High - Level language 

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