Philosophy MCQ 2023

Philosophy MCQ 2023

Philosophy MCQ 2023 (HS Philosophy)

M.C.Q. Of 'Philosophy MCQ 2023'

1) Parts of the argument are called

2) In what argument the conclusion implies premise

3) If the premise is truth and conclusion is false, this argument is

4) Give the number parts of categorical proposition

5) What is called a thing that may be true or false

6) What are the types of opposition of proposition

7) Two proposition can not be, true or false simultaneously what is relation between two proposition

8) The proposition distributes neither its subject nor predicate

9) What is the other of first premise of categorical syllogism

10) Fresion is the valid mood of

11) What syllogism is a compound syllogism

12) If there is no fire then there will be no smoke, what is the type of proposition

13) What is symbolic form of a proposition in boolean interpretation

14) Who invented the new process of diagrammatic representation of categorical proposition

15) We shall go to watch drama, there will be no rain. What is the symbolic form?

16) What is the truth value of(P or q), (q,q)

17) The form of argument is p or q
~ q
... p is

18) What is the ground of analogical argument

19) Presence of the fact that creates effect what is the condition?

20) Which example of observation is followed in unscientific induction

Philosophy MCQ 2023
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