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    Tuesday, December 18, 2018

    The Mice and The Cat

                                    The Mice and The Cat

    The Mice and The Cat
    The Mice and The Cat

    There was a big hole in a field. Ten mice lived there. They always played and sang together. They ware very happy. 
        A cat lived in a nearby house. The cat was very greedy. It wanted to kill the mice. The cat killed two of them in the meantime. The mice were afraid. They wanted to save themselves from the cat.
    So, one day the mice called a meeting.They thought of many ways. But they could not find a way out.
        A mouse said, "well, I have hit upon a plan. We will tie a bell round the cat's neck. The bell will ring as the cat will come. We will run away." All the mice praised the plan. But an old mouse rose and said , "It is easy to say , but hard to do. Who will bell the cat?" All the mice kept silent.
    Just then the cat came. The mice ran into their hole.

                                                    The wise and clever crow


                      The wise and clever crow

    It was a hot dry summer. A crow was very thirsty. It tried to find to find some water. Suddenly, the crow saw an earthen jar. It looked into the jar. The jar had a little water in it. The crow said , "how can I drink water? It is at the bottom of the jar. There is little hope." 
              The crow was very wise and clever. It did not give up hope. It saw some pebbles under a tree. The crow hit upon a plan. It flew to the pebbles and collected them near the jar. Then the crow dropped the pebbles one by one into the jar. The water reached neck level. 
        The crow cawed out in joy,"Now , I will drink water."
    And the crow drank water , quenched its thirst and flew away.


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