English Examination Suggestion 2022 for class X

English Examination Suggestion 2022  for class X
M.P. English

English Examination Suggestion 2022 for class X


1) With a shudder Swami realized that it was

a) Friday
b) Wednesday
c) Monday
d) Thursday

2) When Swami ought to have been in the school prayer hall, he was lying on the

c) bed
d) desk

3) Accoding to Swami, Samuel is especially angry with boys who are

a) absent
b) inattentive
c) late

4) Father decided to send the headmaster a

a) telegram
c) letter
d) report

English Examination Suggestion 2022

5) While going to school Swami was bothered by

a) fever
b) conscience
d) toothache

6) The colour of Samuel's coat was

a) black
b) white
c) blue
d) yellow

7) When Swami entered the class, Samuel was teaching


8) Swami was late to school by

a)half an hour
b) two hours
c)an hour
d) tree hours

9) The headmaster was on leave for one

a) day
b) year

10) Swami was lying

a) at night
b) in the evening
c)in the morning
d) in the afternoon

11) At 9:30 am , Swami should have in the

a) school
b) market
c) playground
d) house

12) Swaminathan complained of headache at

a)9 am
b) 9 pm
c)9:30 am
d) 10 am

13) Swaminathan last went to school on

a) Sunday
c) Friday

ENGLISH Examination Suggestion 2022

14) Samuel was

a) a student
b)a headmaster
c)a teacher
d) a principal

15) Accoding to Swami, even the headmaster feared

c)Swami's father
d)None of them

16) Father addressed the letter to

a) the Education Minister
b)the Headmaster
c)the Chairman
d)the Secretary

17) In Swami's words, the "very angry man" refers to

a) Samuel
b) his father
c) the headmaster
d)the teacher

18) Personally, among teachers, Samuel was most

a) violent
b) friendly

19) On his way to school, Swami stopped

a)on the roadside
b)at an eatery
c)at a crossing
d)at a market

English Examination Suggestion 2022

20) In the letter there were many things about

a)the school
d)the headmaster

21) Swami decided to given the letter to the headmaster

a) at the recess
b)afer the period
c)at the end of the day
d)after the last period

22) That day Samuel seemed very

a)absent minded
b) gentle

23) Swami knew that his father was-

a) a man of principle
b)a generous person
c) a kind person
d)a strict person

24) The school broke up at

a) 3:30 pm
b) 4:30 pm
c) 4 pm
d) 5 pm

25) Samuel gets angry most while he

a) conducts the prayer
b) writes on the blackboard
c) checks the homework
d) teaches the class

26) The headmaster's absence from

a) father
b) Samuel
c) peon
d) other student

27) The letter was taken away by

a) the peon
b) the headmaster
c) Samuel
d) father

28) Swami was lying on a bench-

a) in his mother's bedroom
b)in his father's bedroom
c) in his room
d) on the veranda

29) Samuel was --

a)the headmaster
b) the mathematics teacher
c)the english teacher
d) the peon

30) "Nonsense! Dress up and go"..... who said?

a) Swami
b) teacher
d) mother

English Examination 2022

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English Examination Suggestion 2022
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