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    Sunday, May 29, 2022

    phrasal verbs mcq for competitive exams

    phrasal verbs mcq for competitive exams

    Phrasal Verbs mcq for Competitive Exams(English)

    'phrasal verbs mcq for competitive exams in 2022'

    1) He didn't lend me the newspaper because he was going ........ it.

    2) For want of sufficient funds your new project is likely to fall ........

    3) We usually give our servants the old clothes we cast ...........

    4) How have you come ....... such a precious diamond?

    phrasal verbs mcq for competitive exams mcq

    5) He was called ....... to prove the correctness of the press reports.

    6) For the unity of the country discipline among the people is called .......

    7) Now it is difficult to carry ...... this business in the teeth of stiff competition.

    8) The fear that AIDS has broken ......... in India is not unfounded.

    MCQ on Phrasal verbs

    9) The plan of the enemy to blow ........ the fly-over was foiled by the police.

    10) In view of the heavy losses suffered by the company, the shareholders were requested to bear ....

    phrasal verbs mcq for competitive exams question and answer

    11) The two friends appear to have fallen ...... over a minor issue.

    12) When the robbers ran short of ammunition, they could no longer hold ........

    13) The wise men always lay .... money for their old age.

    14) The robbers made .... with whatever they could lay their hands on.

    15) The detectives arrested him while he was palming ....... counterfeit currency notes.

    16) After her long illness she is trying her best to make ....... her deficiency in study.

    17) On the passing ....... of his father I sent him a message of condolence.

    18) Please make it a point to turn ....... water tap before you go out.

    19) Although he promised to stand ....... me in difficulties he did not live up to it.

    phrasal verbs mcq for competitive exams questions and answers (mcq)

    20) For an honorable person it is difficult to put ....... the haughty behavior of the directors.

    phrasal verbs mcq for competitive exams

    যদি তোমাদের এগুলো ভালো লাগে তাহলে কোমান্ড কর আর শেয়ার কর। তাহলে আমি আরও লিখব তোমাদের জন্য ।


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